Best ever. Skinny Love. +Rain (at the 1:50ish mark). +Heat Lightning. A moment not soon forgotten.



on dueling grand pianos, bon iver frontman justin vernon and drummer sean carey work through stripped-down versions of hinnom, tx, wash., and beth/rest from bon iver, babys from the blood bank ep, and the single i can’t make you love me. - nprmusic | via kstandard

Chris Carrabba + David Bazan + William Fitzsimmons + Mariah McManus + Noah Gundersen + Abby Gundersen cover “I Shall Be Released” by Bob Dylan.

TWLOHA Heavy and Light Intro. Worth watching.

watch this. does this make you want to do something as much as it makes me want to do something?

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"Yesterday, Londoners found themselves awoken by a strange ethereal soundtrack cast across the city. Seven hot-air balloons set off from Southwark Park towards Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge in the early hours of the morning, playing a composition by Dan Jones. The balloons also take off today and tomorrow, all to mark the year running up to the Olympics, and the host of cultural events it promises."

watch this. so powerful.





Rolling In The Deep- A Military Cover

Can we talk about how good this girl’s voice is? How well these dudes harmonize? How they have a VIOLIN in IRAQ. How well their outfits coordinate…sike.

Into this.

I love this and am drunk right now so automatic Adele reblog!

watch this.

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watch this. i would like this to be my life.

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Fantastic impressions.

watch this. i am in awe.

RiP: A Remix Manifesto Girl Talk

"everyone’s just going to keep getting more and more extreme with protecting their own ideas. i think eventually everyone’s going to realize it’s beneficial to share ideas."

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